134 things about me

I am...

life motto

  • be kind

personal values

  • respect

  • honesty

  • pride

  • modesty

  • fairness (as in impartiality)

I don't...

  • use Facebook, nor Twitter

  • do drugs

  • care about football

  • give a damn about celebrity

  • have a TV

I have...

  • green eyes (with 2% the rarest eye color in the world)

  • a vivid imagination

  • to do something creative

  • a mild form of prosopagnosia (aka face blindness)

  • no pets

  • no pearcings, no tattoos

me likes...

me likes not...

  • firearms (or any other weapons for that matter)

  • idolatry

  • so-called sport-hunting

  • dishonesty

  • phubbing

  • ironing

  • Tom Cruise

  • James Brown

  • Demis Roussos

  • boxing. “the noble art of self-defence”? I don't think so!

  • the song "Sunshine" by Jett Rebel. This really, really has to be the worst popsong ever! I really loathe that song.

  • any kind of violence

  • waiting, or to be late

  • radio ads

  • The B-52s ("Dirty Back Road" is OK, though)

  • Benidorm-style holiday resorts

  • drunk people

  • gardening! Yuck!

  • Jett Rebel's "Sunshine". I really hate that one!

  • spiders

  • Monster trucks

  • housework

  • when things don't work

  • noisy motorbikes

  • Lost in translation (most boring film ever!)


  • I live in Belgium

  • I can have my birthday anytime I want, even though some insist it to be 17 July

  • Toilet paper orientation: over

  • I speak 5 languages

  • I can't cook

  • I never broke a bone

  • I save plastic bags

  • I studied visual arts and architecture in high school

  • I need to have a job which challenges my creativity and engineering skills

  • Largest number of camera's in possession simultaneously: 6 (Hasselblad 501, Hassy 503CW, 2x Minolta 800si, K-M Dynax 7D and a Canon Powershot G1)

  • I never bought a used car

  • "I did not become a father because I am fond of children" — Thales of Milete

  • worst cultural disaster in history: loss of Alexandrian Library and Mouseion

  • most beautiful bridges in the world: the Millau bridge and the old bridge over the Firth of Forth

  • most beautiful skyscraper: Chrysler building

  • most important inventions: printing press and telescope

  • most fascinating tree: baobab

  • most dangerously stupid people in the world: 1)Glenn Beck, 2)Rush Limbaugh, 3)Ann Coulter, 4)Bill O'Reilly, 5)Pat Robertson. Of course Sarah Palin is more stupid than those 5 combined, but she's not dangerous, rather ridiculous.

  • I suffer from ulcerative colitis , class of 1990

  • I had a cholecystectomy

  • I was never in the army, which is a good thing for both parties

  • I find it hard to do nothing

  • I can't touch-type

  • can't dance, can't sing

  • us Cancers don't believe in astrology